Flash & Constant Lighting Indoor Meeting

A good night was had by one and all for our Portrait Lighting evening with Steve using his Flash set up in one room and Paul using a constant light set up in the other room which enabled two groups to alternate between the two set ups.

Many thanks to Natalie (Julie’s daughter) and Sophie (John Wilkes daughter) for posing for us throughout the evening.

Nat-Sop (Medium)

Just to recap these are the camera settings for the Continuous Lighting set up.

  1. SET UP YOUR CAMERA Aperture priority, set the widest aperture, f/2.8 – f/5.6, set

zoom lens to 55mm – 70mm. ISO 200 Tripod – ISO 400-800 hand-held.

  1. SORT THE EXPOSURE mode to Centre Weighted. Now check your shutter speed, if

less than 1/100sec you may get unwanted blur from camera shake so increase the ISO

sensitivity to compensate. If your camera has image stabilisation then check it is switched


  1. SET UP AND FOCUS Hover the your AF point over the model’s closest eye and half

press the shutter button to lock the focus there. Next, reframe slowly press the

shutter button all the way to take the shot.

  1. CHECK THE RESULTS Check the picture on the screen, zooming in to see if it’s sharp.

If the model’s face is too dark or light, try pressing the exposure Compensation button ( the

+/- on the camera body) and dialling in either + to add more light or – to make image


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